Daniel Gunther

My Lastest work: Troop 734 Rebrand

The Scoutmaster of Troop 735, approached me to redesign the Troop's look. The goal was to create a new identity for the Troop so they could introduce it before they went to Summer Camp.

What I do: Logo Design

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Web Design & Branding: Haunted Forest 2012

Boy Scouts of America's Great Lakes Service Council, approached me about creating a new patch, logo, and shirt design for their upcoming Haunted Forest attraction in October. This project is currently in the approval stage.

What I do: Logo Design

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My Lastest work: Troop 1589 Rebrand

The Scoutmaster of Troop1589, a group that I have been involved with since I was 11, approached me to redesign the Troop's look. The goal was to create a new identity from scratch, which included a logo, website, and shirt design. I happily obliged, and after 2 grueling months, this is the final APPROVED product.

What I do: Logo Design, Shirt Design, webdesign

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Web Design & Branding: GECS, LLC.

Researching the industry of Cooling Systems, I wanted to create this brand new website for the client that stood out from the crowd. Bold Titles & a compact design is what the end result turned into. This is one of my first by hand coded CSS designs, which helped me grasp my head around CSS.

What I do: Webdesign, XHTML + CSS

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Print design: Academy of Creativity and Design

This Brand book was a final project in my last term of school before graduating. The objective was to rebrand our current school (IADT). With full creative freedom, I created a brand new (shorter) name for the school, and created a new logo, as well as three seperate identities for three different campuses.

What I do: Logo design, Brand Identity

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Illustration: The Incredible Hulk

Class project which I was challenged to recreate a comic book hero free hand, using only a comic book page for reference.

What I do: Illustration

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Branding: King Kong Vs Godzilla

This project was a final assignment for my Branding Class. The objective was to take a Black and White movie and brand it for a modern day audience.

What I do: Page Layout, Branding

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Page Layout: Underground Mainstream

Objective: Take an exisiting editorial and create a new layout, based on a art theme given to you. I created this piece, by scanning in crinkled paper, as well as taping printed out black and white images and text to the crinkled paper, and re-scanning them. The color you see in this document, was added post-creation to add flare.

What I do: Page Layout - Editorial

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Corporate ReBrand: Purex Soap Rebrand

The objective to this assignment was to create a brand of laundry soap that wasn't "top shelf" and recreate the company's image to go head to head with the more known soaps that are on the market. Doing research into Purex, I decided to go with a modern take on the logo, and go back to what the company is known for, or at least claim's on their website, which is being a "very green" organization.

What I do: Logo Design, Corporate Branding

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